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Reminiscing a mysterious journey to West of France

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A very humorous man with a glint of fun in his eyes. Mr. Yevhen Yukhnytsya took us on a grand tour of his Château.

We had no conception of the structural problems our Château owner had encountered, which demanded renovation before the promises could be honoured. This, he should have explained!!!!

He has spent much money and time restoring before he could begin to hang art work or organise an exhibition.
He explained how the water in the winter months has seeped into the walls, the woodwork was rotten and the floors were damp.
Many works have now been hung and he hopes soon for it to be complete.

He now needs a very capable PR to help him market his vision and bring the crowds to view our artwork.
On completion if his dream, Mr. Yukhnytsya's attention will be as a host and entertainer to his hopefully, millions of visitors coming to view an EXTRAORDINARY accumulation of artists' perceptions of LEGS!

It is a magnificent Château! It has elegance and charm with a modern, avant garde character.

In addition to the Art Works, his plans include different eating rooms, lounges with fire place to relax, entertainment areas, pole-dancing nightclub areas, a few rooms for accommodation, outside bar-b-q areas for the summer months and even duck shooting and fishing on the estate.

We stayed in the nearby town Saumur, known as the Pearl of Anjou, an equestrian city, known also for its fine wines. During the wine festivals each year, Mr. Yukhnytsya sees his Art Exhibitions as a further tourist attraction. We stayed at the Château de Verrieries, charming, French. A country private mansion atmosphere of Napoleon III decor.

From here we could visit the Château des Réaux. I was delighted to find my three paintings hanging amongst many others, all entries from many, many countries.

He asked us to 'spread the word' that his intentions were both honourable and admirable and to encourage visitors!