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Untitiled Artists Fair

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The organisers of the Artists Fair, Robert Jickells and his team, thank you for your tremendous hard work. Fellow artists were a pleasure to work alongside. It was a delight to be part of the Untitled Artist fair. I met some lovely people, for one, Toni a Security Officer who had a happy encouraging word every minute. I received wonderful comments from many people which meant a great deal to me, making my day.

My painting 'Morning Light' was appreciated by several viewers for which I received three offers. I hope it will bring the buyer much joy! It was an extra delight on delivering it to be invited to view where it would be hung.

Sad to not have seen some who did not make it. Thank you to those who contacted me to say they were away. The weather was excellent, just right for an art browse!

Thanks goes to a photographer who took a good snap of me against a backdrop of my paintings, then put it up on his website and sent me the link! I have used it in my blog, its great!