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 Gail Bolliger graduated with a BA Honours in Fine Art from Plymouth University after studying Foundation Art at Somerset College of Art.

Drawing and painting is her passion.

“After A-Level art I chose to study Radiography, Radiotherapy, followed by another year in Isotopes.”


This brought her to London. She worked at Westminster Hospital in Radioactive Isotopes. 

“I made many wonderful friends in the department of Physics. I met my husband in London, a Swiss.”


“I dabbled with painting over the years but nothing serious which was frustrating. Then, when our third child was fifteen, I did my Fine Arts degree. This was the most enjoyable experience of my life. On completion, I kept my hand in with many life drawing classes and several winter and summer terms at Heatherley School of Art.”


She has a studio in London and in St. Paul de Vence in South of France.

She has participated in several group exhibitions in London and the South West of England.

She has works hanging in the Chateau des Reaux in Chouze sur Loire France, private purchasers in  Australia, Spain and UK. 


Her interpretation of ‘Leda and the Swan 2’ is featured within the University of Trieste online GRIMM Etymological Dictionary of Greek Mythology 


“I love drawing and painting people. The figure and portrait are a delightful challenge.

I draw from life whenever possible, to build a store of basic knowledge of form to enable working from memory when needed. I paint with oils and use charcoal, chalk and pastels for drawings.”

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